The Focus on Fundraising Program is designed for BIPOC nonprofit executive directors who want to build their leadership and fundraising skills to raise funds and work in partnership with staff and board to grow the organization. Executive directors will participate in conversations and exercises to build mission-driven philanthropy that helps them evolve as nonprofit leaders.

Cause Effective’s Focus on Fundraising: Building Power for Executive Leaders of Color is designed with the following program objectives:

  • To develop current and future BIPOC nonprofit leaders who are confident and competent in their fundraising role, including:
    • Building their personal fundraising skills, starting from an understanding that the CEO role requires care and feeding of the development function
    • Learning how to enhance these skills in their staff and organizations
    • Developing their ability to work with their boards to establish an effective fundraising team
  • To enable greater mission-centered growth and impact as executive directors lead their organizations in raising more money in a more sustainable fashion
  • To build bridges across race, gender, experience within a cohort setting for peer learning


Meet the Nonprofit Leaders from our cohort, the

Spring 2023 Focus on Fundraising Program


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  • JP Morgan
    JP Morgan
  • NYC 276
    NYC 276
  • Altman
  • Kramer Levin
  • Robinhood
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    William Casper Graustein
  • The New York Women's Foundation

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