Cause Effective Next Generation: Fundraising Activation for Rising Leaders of Color is designed for BIPOC senior managers in the nonprofit sector who want to build their fundraising skills to enhance their leadership potential. Nonprofit leaders will participate in conversations and exercises to develop their ability to drive mission-driven philanthropy, cultivate donor relationships, and raise the resources needed to grow their organizations.

Cause Effective Next Generation: Fundraising Activation for Rising Leaders of Color develops current and future BIPOC nonprofit leaders who are confident and competent in their fundraising role, including:

  • Building their personal fundraising skills, starting from an understanding that all nonprofit leadership requires proficiency in the development function
  • Learning how to enhance these skills in themselves and their organizations
  • Developing their ability to work with others to establish an effective fundraising team

The ultimate result of Cause Effective Next Generation: Fundraising Activation for Rising Leaders of Color is greater mission-centered growth and impact as participants develop into fundraising-savvy leaders at the next tier of nonprofit management.


  • Senior nonprofit managers of color inexperienced in fundraising will gain essential fundraising skills and competencies that will enable them to raise money for their cause from varied constituencies and to build donor relationships that can grow over time
  • Organizations serving marginalized communities will enhance their ability to acquire and retain private dollars through the increased skills of a wider group of leaders who can attract private donor support
  • Communities of color and under-resourced communities will become more highly leveraged as a result of the additional resources raised through successful private fundraising efforts



  • Senior nonprofit managers who come from backgrounds in program, advocacy, or finance/operations, but don’t have knowledge of development work and fundraising experience
  • Senior nonprofit managers who work for under-resourced organizations
  • Senior nonprofit managers who face navigating the tensions that come up around the power dynamics of money, class and race
  • Senior nonprofit managers who want to overcome their fears around fundraising and improve their communication and messaging
  • Senior nonprofit managers with a goal to build bridges across race, gender, experience within a cohort setting for peer learning



  • NYCT
  • JP Morgan
    JP Morgan
  • NYC 276
    NYC 276
  • Altman
  • Kramer Levin
  • Robinhood
  • William Casper Graustein
    William Casper Graustein

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